Sabtu, 10 Jun 2017


Hm I've been wondering macam mana zain boleh jumpa blog awien, 
and I almost forgot about the blog, till you remind me of it.
 Anddddddddd ya Allah baca post zaman kanak2 dulu, tak matangnya :(

Andddddddd I successfully accessed to my account. 
Try hard nak log in nak delete previous post yg entah apa2 tu :(

I'm not sure if you read this but I bet no
 one is reading my blog except for you.

Kalau zain baca post yg ni, kalau lah baca, nak zain tahu 
there is no one else except for you that I love. 
I mean, after Allah Rasulullah Family and Friends. Next is YOU. 

Please don't argue the weakness in you when the only thing 
I saw in you is not the weakness.
 I accept you for who you are,
 and insyaAllah will be thru your up and down.

If you ask the reason for staying, nothing much accept for love. 
Thank you for being there thru my up and down,
 be a good listener, a good adviser, a good teacher, 
a good friend, to be short, the one who is good at almost everything.

Please remain where you used to be like the first time we met :( 


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